Cleaner Restrooms

Everyone wants cleaner restrooms and a cleaner environment.

American Dryer helps you have a cleaner restroom experience, preserve the environment… and saves you money at the same time.

In fact, American Dryer is revolutionizing clean.

  • American Dryer’s eXtremeAir® Cold Plasma Clean® (CPC) hand dryer uses a generator that converts air into cold plasma which is well known for it’s germ killing ability. Not surprisingly, customers love it.
  • With eXtremeAir CPC hand dryers, there is no need for HEPA filters that can clog and cause dryer failure if not changed. Let’s make HEPA filters obsolete!
  • All of American Dryer’s energy-efficient eXtremeAir dryers keep our environment clean and enhance restroom hygiene, using 80-90 percent less energy and providing up to 98% cost savings as compared with paper towels.
  • Forget paper towel mess and maintenance costs, too. There is no need for ongoing maintenance with our hand dryers as there is with paper towels (or, for that matter, with trough-style hand dryers or dryers with HEPA filters). No clogged toilets, no vandalized troughs, no overflowing wastebaskets. Everyone will enjoy a more sanitary restroom environment when American Dryer hand dryers replace paper towels.

American Dryer provides a clean, hygienic restroom environment; the green, sustainable hand drying solutions customers love… and the cost savings you need.