Advantage™ AD hand & hair dryer series

Advantage™ AD Hand Dryer - White ABS

White ABS

Advantage™ AD Hand Dryer - Steel White Epoxy

Steel White Epoxy

Advantage™ AD Hand Dryer - Steel Black Graphite

Steel Black Graphite

Advantage™ AD Hand Dryer - Steel Satin Chrome

Steel Satin Chrome

Advantage™ AD Hand Dryer - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

dries in 25 seconds • universal voltage • 5-year warranty

the Advantage™ AD automatic hand dryer is the perfect replacement for the traditional hand & hair dryer with more power & features.






Mounting Template

CSI 3-Part Spec: pdf | rtf | doc

CAD Model

BIM Model


Advantage specifications

Dry Time 25 Seconds
Air Flow 180 CFM (Cubic Feet per Min.)
Air Velocity 7,300 LFM (Linear Feet per Min.)
Sound Level 67 dB (Quietest in its class)
Air Temperature 120° F at 72° F room temperature
Universal Voltage 100-240 V 50/60Hz
Power 12.5 A max. @ 120 V 1400 W
6.5 A max. @ 240 V 1250 W
Dimensions Surface 10-1/8” W x 9-3/8” H x 5-5/8” D

Advantage model reference chart

White ABS AD90
Steel White Epoxy AD90-M
Steel Black Graphite AD90-BG
Steel Satin Chrome AD90-C
Stainless Steel AD90-SS
Hair drying with 80-second cycle add (H) after model number.

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