eXtremeAir® green guide

Green Certifications


The eXtremeAir hand dryer has been GreenSpec® Listed. This is an unbiased list of the most environmentally friendly products published by the editors of Environmental Building News. The eXtremeAir met tough GreenSpec standards because it uses 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers and reduces maintenance and waste.


The eXtremeAir helps facilities qualify for LEED® Credits. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The eXtremeAir helps facilities qualify for LEED Credits in several categories:

EA Credit 1 Optimizing Energy Performance (Mandatory)
MR Credit 6 Solid Waste Management – Waste Stream Audit
IEQ Credit 3.1 Green Cleaning – High Performance Cleaning Program
IO Credit 1 Innovation in Operations
IO Credit 3 Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts

The Greener Products Certified Seal confirms the product complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB standards.


The eXtremeAir is California Air Resources Board compliant.

Energy Reduction

Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy. The eXtremeAir eXt series is the first high-speed hand dryer to reduce power consumption to an industry-leading 500-300 watts of electricity. That’s up to 3X Less Energy than other “green” hand dryers.


Green Facts

Paper towels cannot be recycled, consume precious resources and use excessive landfill space. Making one ton of virgin paper towels can use:

  • 7,000 gallons of water
  • 17 full grown trees
  • 464 gallons of oil
  • 42 gallons of gasoline
  • 3 yards of landfill waste

A major bottling company eliminated about 96 yards of landfill waste per year by replacing five paper towel dispensers with eXtremeAir hand dryers. The operating costs of the hand dryers is less than $16 per year. To calculate your cost savings while going green, please see our online cost calculator.

Cost Savings

Going green doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, the eXtremeAir saved customers up to 98% versus paper towel costs while eliminating landfill waste.

To see cost savings examples or calculate your savings, visit our cost calculator.

Energy Per Use


Energy is measured in KiloJoules (KJ). Lower numbers represent less energy use and less cost.

Carbon Emissions
KgCO2 per 1,000 dryings


Cost Analysis for a University

Paper Towel Usage 3,850 Cases
Total Paper Cost $115,500
Hand Dryer Operating Costs $1,232

Annual Savings


Payback Time 4 Months