American Dryer’s Guiding Philosophy Created the eXtremeAir® hand dryer series with CPC Technology and Our Full Line of Dryers and Accessories


Since 1952, American Dryer has been a leading manufacturer of hand dryers. Our guiding philosophy has led to the development of many industry innovations, capped by the new eXtremeAir hand dryer with patent-pending Cold Plasma Clean technology.

Here are a few of the principles that guide us:

  • American Dryer, in serving the needs of all our customers and users, offers a full line of hand and hair dryers for every application and user preference, including sound, speed, universal voltage, pricing, and more.
  • We are committed to American manufacturing, so our complete line of quality hand dryers are assembled in the USA and backed by the industry’s premier same-day factory service.
  • We listen to experts, including architects, engineers and designers who prefer American Dryer’s compact dryer design to the bulkier models.
  • Engineering is our most important occupation. We devote our expertise to developing better ways to dry hands and hair, create and assure hygiene, continually enhance the user experience, and meet the needs of all our customers and product users.
  • We believe that older technology is no longer acceptable to customers at any price point, so we incorporate 21st century quality and innovation into every dryer and accessory we sell.

eXtremeAir Customers

  • Coca Cola
  • Tyson Foods
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Del Monte
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Miami Dade Health Dept.
  • Dana Corporation
  • Central Michigan University
  • Sony Electronics
  • Clemson University
  • University of Massachusetts
  • National Geographic
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Michigan DOT
  • Sears Roebuck & Co.
  • many others…